On 5 September 2012, Sinar College sent a representative to a seminar sponsored by a government agency, Lembaga Penduduk Dan Pembangunan keluarga Negara (LPPKN). The 1 day seminar which was held at LPPKN office at Kota Fesyen, at MITC Ayer Keroh, attended by representative from private colleges, polytechnics, and Kolej Komuniti in Melaka.

The participants were briefed about cervical cancer and Human Papillomavirus Vaccination (HPV). Subsequently, Melaka LPPKN Director, Mr Dennis Chai explained that the government currently offers a free vaccination injections to Malaysians. However, the free vaccination programme is only limited to Malaysian female who was borne in 1993.

Normally, HPV is offered by private hospitals / clinics at RM600. but this programme offers the same for free.

The seminar commenced at 9.30PM and was heated with debates during question and answer sessions.

HPV comprises 3 stages of injection within 6 months  :

1) 1st dos

2) 2nd dos (1 month after 1st dos)

3) 3rd dos (5 months after 2nd dos)

The free HPV vaccination is only offered for females who are borned in 1993.

For those who are eligible and interested, they can contact LPPKN Clinic at 06-2322688 to arrange for appointment. After appointment is confirmed, they can just walk in to the clinic by bringing identification card only.

For those who were not borne in 1993 but interested, although they can’t get a free vaccination, they can apply the same at discounted price by contacting LPPKN at 06-2325151.