You must attend 6 months course to obtain Tourist Guide License from Kementerian Pelancongan. You also need to attend customer service course to obtain Sijil Mesra Malaysia. At Kolej Sinar, tourist guide graduates are also awarded with Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia Tahap 3 within just 6 months.

The good news is that tour guides get most of their training on the job, which means there aren’t many formal education requirements or other standards that must be met before employers will even consider hiring.

Of course, having broad knowledge of local history and attractions is a decided plus and, although usually not necessary, a background in theater or entertainment, or experience in teaching can also help greatly toward getting a first interview.

You will usually select one or two language options when you enroll for a tourist guide course. You can, however, add another languages in your license by attending different language courses.

Types of Tourist Guide

You can either enroll for any of below tourist guide course :

1)      City Guide – Guiding tourists in city & historical places

2)      Nature Guide – Guiding tourists in forest and parks