The Skills Required

1)      Plan tour

2)    Tour guide – guide tourists to places and explain

3)      Leader – to lead a group of people

4)      Very customer service oriented

5)      Speak in the language that the tour group wants him to speak in

6)      Constantly catch the attention of the tour group

7)      Can assist them in any way from carrying luggage and running other errands as well

Generally speaking, tour guides are expected to know a city (or country) intimately and offer guests interpretive information such as history and anecdotes on all sites.

What skills do You need?
  • People skills- You’re spending practically every hour of every day with your guests and not all of them will be nice.
  • Logistical management- A lot of aspects go into planning a holiday. Even if you’re not responsible for setting up those details, you’ll be responsible for keeping on top of them all once your group is on the road.
  • Calm under pressure- Anything could happen on a tour, and everyone will look to you when things go wrong.
  • Organization- You don’t want to get mixed up on where you’re supposed to be going, or what you’re doing.
  • Quick learner- From “Where’s the bathroom?” to “When was that built?” you’ll need to have answers at hand.
  • Good public speaker- Speaking to your group is more than half the job. You want to make sure they understand you.
  • Energetic- You’ll be working almost every waking hour, often for weeks at a time- you need to be in top form at all times.

While a lot of tour guides will operate in places they know well, those with unique skill sets such as City Tour or Nature Guide leading may be able to find seasonal work in areas where these skills are in demand.

Some tour guides work on cruise chips or for tourism companies, private resorts or attractions, or may specialize in eco-tourism, lead biking tours, or even work for the government.