Association of Tourism Training Institutes of Malaysia (ATTIM) was constituted in 2009 to coordinate and standardize all training related to tourism industry in Malaysia. ATTIM liaises directly with Ministry of Tourism (Malaysia)and controls all tourism training institutions nationwide. Sinar College obtained status as Institut Latihan Pelancongan (Approved Tourism Training Institute) and offers Tourist Guide Basic Course Level 3.

Every travel and tour agent who practices his career in Malaysia must obtain the relevant license from Ministry of Tourism (Malaysia) at the first place. Applicants for the license must however attend and pass Tourist Guide Basic Course Level 3. Tourist Guide Course Exam (Basic) which is held three times annually – in April, August and December. Candidates who need to repeat must take all the exam including oral, slide, coach, and written test in one exam.

Tourist Guide Exam (Basic) is divided into two part which is Written Exam and Practical Exam: – Practical Test : 80% – Written Test : 20% Practical Test includes oral, slide and coach. While Written Exam is divided into two papers which are Paper 1 and Paper 2 (essay).

Minimum period for Tourist Guide Course (Basic) is 4 month and must finish 500 hours (contact hour) before allowed to sit for the examination. Course time distribution is as below: – Lecture/Talk : 260 hour (minimum) – Coach Practical : 80 hour (minimum) – NOSS Assignment : 160 hour Tourist Guide Course period is in between 4 to 6 months. The result of the examination is released within 30 days upon the exam.

Once a candidate passes the Basic Tourist Guide Course examination, Sinar College will receive an official letter and certificate from Ministry of Tourism as well as certificate (Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia) from Department of Skill (Jabatan Kemahiran Malaysia). The certificate of Basic Tourist Guide Course granted is equivalent to Level 3 of Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia. These certificates will be given to successful candidates. The candidates will then need to apply Tourist Guide Probation license from the ministry. The Tourist Guides will have to attend and pass the Tourist Guide Confirmation Course after 2 years of probationary period and also 3 Continuous Tourism Related Education (CTRE) course in order to obtain a permanent Tourist Guide license.

On the other hand, Ministry of Tourism requires all travel agencies and tour operating companies in Malaysia to attend Travel and Tour Enhancement Course (TTEC) before they can apply for renewed license from the ministry. Malaysian Association of Tour & Travel Agents (MATTA) had circulated to all practitioners on the government policy (Travel and Tour Enhancement Course). The ministry has appointed Association of Tourism Training Institutes of Malaysia (ATTIM)as the lead agency to coordinate the Travel and Tour Enhancement Course (TTEC). ATTIM has thoroughly evaluated various training centres and appointed several training institutions nationwide to conduct the Travel and Tour Enhancement Course (TTEC). Sinar College is entrusted as the approved institution to offer Travel and Tour Enhancement Course (TTEC) for southern part of Malaysia (Johor, Melaka and Negeri Sembilan).

For Travel and Tour Enhancement Course (TTEC), each company must send a representative of a key managerial / directorial position to attend the course. The 1 day course comprises 5 sessions which the attendance for each session is compulsory. At the end of the course, the participants are required to pass a written examination.